Good Deeds Organics is a Montana Licensed Medical and Recreational Marijuana Provider and Delivery Dispensary for Whitefish, Kalispell, and Columbia Falls

Good Deeds Organics is and was founded as a DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program licensed provider. We deliver with compassion to Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and the north side of Kalispell, Montana.

Coming in Spring of 2022: A public dispensary for recreational and medical users in Whitefish. We’ll post more as we get closer!!!!M

Montana medical cardholders use a private portal for ordering which is hosted on a secure encrypted server (uses https).  Simply login, see what is available, make your order, and have high quality medicinal marijuana delivered to your front door.  If you are a registered cardholder and would like to receive a user login and password to learn more please click here.

Good Deeds Organics also works with a wide range of cardholders and we understand a lot of people are too injured or ill to drive. If you have suffered serious injury or can’t drive we can deliver to you with compassion.  We also take your privacy seriously.  Some people don’t want to be seen walking into public dispensaries due to work situations and a stigma that is still associated with marijuana. Let us take care of that.   Our delivery is professional and discreet and insures your privacy.

Our products include flower, edibles, high end rosin, and RSO for cancer patients (all RSO is made upon request because we believe it’s important to use fresh flower and make RSO for your specific needs).

Through partnering with CBD Changed My Life we are now delivering CBD Huckleberry Gummies that contain no THC. Please view our CBD Products page if you would like to learn more.

Good Deeds Organics was founded as a DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program licensed provider and delivery dispensary for WhitefishKalispellColumbia Falls, and the Flathead. Our physical location is coming soon!!!!!

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