Good Deeds Organics is a Marijuana Dispensary and Wholesale Provider in Whitefish, Montana

Good Deeds Organics is a marijuana (cannabis) dispensary in Whitefish, Montana. We’ll be opening our public shop in late June to early July. We also have a delivery service for medical card holder in Whitefish and Columbia Falls. Please click here to learn more about our delivery service.

Our approach is natural and organic. We grow with passion. After years of experimentation we believe nothing is better than hand crafted organic cannabis. We’ve obtained pinnacles in potency and and long lasting flavor with our approach. A lot of people say love doesn’t matter when it comes to things like growing plants or cooking food. It does, and when you taste our flower you’ll feel the love and passion put into our flower.

Please check back in June/July! We’ll be updating a lot of information when we open up shop.

Good Deeds Organics is partners with CBD Changed My Life featuring CBD Huckleberry Gummies that contain no THC. We carry a wide range of CBD products from CBD Changed My Life if you are just looking for a CBD product.

Click Here to use our medical delivery service.