This is a cross of Layer Cake and a strain of unknown heritage called Sturbud. It was formally called “Star Cake” but we’re going with the original name that represents the complex and deep floral tones of this cultivar. The taste of Jägermeister is of a richly-flavored cake with herbal spice which is the reason that this particular strain was originally named Jägermeister. One of the more tasty selections we offer.

The effect is fast-acting, euphorically happy and nicely relaxing. A hybrid with effects in both the indica and sativa spectrum.

Past Testing Results:

10/21/20 -29.6% total cannabinoids, 27.67% THCa – Click to View
11/11/20 – 28.3% total cannabinoids, 27.02% THCa – Click to View

1 g $101/8 oz $251/4 oz $501/2 oz $951 oz $185