Super Surfer Girl

Super Surfer Girl

Super surfer girl is a continuation of a breeding project Ken started back around 2002 that really preserved the original flavor of a Cinderella 99 plant that was the rage of the Flathead Valley. It’s for people seeking a powerful sativa that leaves you clear headed and not burned out hours later.

The original Surfer Girl was later crossed with a Super Haze plant and back-crossed to Surfer Girl making Super Surfer Girl. The new Super Surfer Girl improved upon the looser structure of the original Surfer Girl and increased potency while keeping the original flavor and and wonderful sativa affects of the C99 heritage.

Past Testing Results:

2/12/21 – 27.07% total cannabinoids, 25.94% THCa – Click to View

1 g $101/8 oz $251/4 oz $501/2 oz $951 oz $185